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Yona’s love for Soo-Won is the young, passionate teen kind of love. It does look like a crush, but can you still call it a crush when she reacts the way she did at the fire festival when the other girls wanted her to use Soo-Won’s hairpin? After all this time, she still can’t let go of the gift he gave her. If it were me, I’d have thrown the hairpin long ago after being betrayed in such a cruel way. But maybe she’s just a huge masochist XDD

The legend says nothing about a dark dragon. Hak is a thunder beast.


Looks better than a dragon, eh? ^^;

And Judo… he is solely devoted to Soo-Won ;-)  And hey don’t feel sorry for him maybe he’s single by choice (just like me, and I’m 28). I don’t really remember if Kusanagi told us if he wants to find a girl or not. But Geun-Tae is making fun of him for this and I love to see them bickering.

I second what you said about Yona and Hak. That pairing is a given, yet it’s like the author worked on the characters so they could make sense as a couple. It’s not the “cute heroine with cute hero” stereotype (thinking about it, Yona/Soo-Won fell in that category at the beginning of the story).

Anonymous asked: "i'm a Yona/ SooWon but the idea of Lili/ SooWon, oh no thanks you."

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion


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I don’t think Soo-Won pretended to be someone else when he was around Yona. It’s true he lied to her about her father, but it’s not like he had any obligation to be nice to her either. Even so, it probably was a one-sided love on Yona’s part anyway.

The 4 dragons have been like that since birth. I mean they all had the signs of their dragon heritage from the beginning: Kija’s hand, Jaeha’s feet, Shin-Ah’s eyes and Zeno’s… (earrings? hair? loool). It’s unlikely that Yona will have red scales if/when she awakens Hiryuu’s powers. But that would make for a fun story.

Hak being a “dark dragon” is a bit ominous, don’t you think? As if he’s the villain dragon trying to kill Hiryuu or something ^^; Nah, Hak is a good guy, he’s just very talented with his spear (huhuhuh).


Eeeep! Even if 6-7€ are added due to shipping from Japan, they’re still making a nice profit. I don’t recall paying so much for the last CD drama edition.

FYI,  ¥ 1950 = € 14

Anonymous asked: "hi i would like to thank you for all the great summaries you are providing us the readers who are addicted to akatsuki no yona and i really would love to have your opinion on which pairing do you ship yona/hak or yona/suwon and why of course ^^ also how will long do you think the series will last i mean do you think we will have 2 or 3 more arcs then it will done ???"

Thank you! And that’s a tough question ^^;

Actually I kinda ship both pairings, even though I like Hak/Yona more. Obviously because that pairing has a high chance of becoming canon. Also because Hak was never meant to be a bishounen character, unlike Soo-Won. Hak is rough, reckless, and raw. Much like Yona in the latest chapters imo. That’s why I like them as a couple. They both have that fire inside them that makes things exciting every time they’re together, and they probably understand each other well because they are alike and want to do everything they can to protect each other. Yona just needs to start being honest with herself :D How great would it be if she was the one teasing Hak instead? ^_~

On the other hand, Soo-Won/Yona is the pairing that was meant to be. They’re both royalty, are considerate and want the best for the people. What’s more, they have feelings for each other (at least Yona does/did). If they can overcome Il’s murder, they could rule the country together with Hak as their sidekick. I’ve always been intrigued by Soo-Won’s personality, and could never bring myself to hate him. I don’t see Soo-Won/Yona happening, but I would probably be ok with it if it did. (Even though my secret ship is actually Lili/Soo-Won!)

As for the manga, well I can’t say for sure. I believe it would be right if it ended in 2 or 3 arcs. The remaining key plots of the story are Soo-Won’s war and the legend about the sword & shield (& Hiryuu). Now that we know what Soo-Won’s after, we also know how it will probably end. There’s no point in making another long-winded arc about the King’s beautiful strategies. The sword & shield could be resolved pretty quickly too, just before the final arc. But all that doesn’t take into account the influence the anime could have on the manga. I wouldn’t be surprised if the mangaka was forced to add chapters to the story because the publisher wants to profit from the popularity of the anime. It’s a bit fishy that the latest chapter in the magazine was first said to be chapter 95 on the author’s blog, then was suddenly switched to a side chapter.


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Started watching Sword Art Online today after seeing bits of episode 5 on TV. I’m already at episode 7 ^^